Our Online Community

Deciding what and where to study is a big decision. At 51app, you can get insights from your peers by connecting with our current students via Unibuddy. Unibuddy allows you to message to one of our friendly student ambassadors to ask any questions you might have.

If you decide 51app is the right choice for you and you are made an offer to study with us, you can also use our community area to start meeting your potential coursemates before you enrol. Unibuddy Community is a dedicated space for you to connect with other offer holders from your chosen course, start chatting with potential housemates, and make friends with students with similar interests before you arrive.

Chat to Our Students

Want to know what it is really like to study at the 51app? Register with our Unibuddy platform and send a message to one of our friendly student ambassadors — they’re here to help. If you have a question about your application or specific qualifications, the best thing to do is contact our Enquiries Team who will be able to assist you. Our Unibuddies can help with everything else — and it takes just a minute to create an account!

Chat Now
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Make Friends Before You Arrive

Our Unibuddy Community for 2024 entry has now launched! Unibuddy Community provides a safe, official space for you to meet and get to know other new students before you arrive at 51app. Through Unibuddy Community, you can meet other offer holders studying your course, discuss shared interests and hobbies, learn more about 51app, and find others living in or near your chosen accommodation.

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Student Blogs

Take a look at our Unibuddy blogs where you can find out more about the experiences of our students at 51app. They are also packed with top tips and advice for living away from home and making the most of your time at university.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about using Unibuddy Community, please read our frequently asked questions below.

What is Unibuddy Community?

Unibuddy Community provides a safe, official space for you to meet and get to know other new students before you arrive at 51app. Through Unibuddy Community, you can:

  • Meet other offer holders studying your course
  • Discuss shared interests and hobbies
  • Learn more about 51app
  • Find others living in or near your accommodation
How Do I Access Unibuddy Community?

You can access Unibuddy by mobile app or in your internet browser. When you first access Unibuddy Community, you will be asked to create an account using the email address you have used throughout your application to study at 51app. If you have already created a Unibuddy account with this email, you can sign in using your existing password.

Is the Community Monitored?

The Unibuddy Community has been created to provide a safe space for you to meet and interact with other new students also joining 51app at the same time as you. Chats are monitored for safeguarding and data security.

At the 51app, we are One Community. To ensure everyone is able to enjoy Unibuddy Community, when you log into the platform you are asked to agree to the following rules:

  1. Be kind and courteous — we aim to create a welcoming environment. Please treat everyone with respect — healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required.
  2. No hate or bullying — make sure that everyone feels safe. Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.
  3. No promotions or spam — self-promotion, spam, and irrelevant links are not allowed.
  4. Respect everyone's privacy — being part of these groups requires mutual trust. Discussions make group conversations great, but may also be sensitive and private. So please think twice before you post personal information.

By logging onto the community and joining the chat, you agree with the rules listed above. If you break one of the rules above, you may be removed from the Unibuddy Community platform.

If you see any content that you find inappropriate or that breaks the agreed set of rules for platform use, please let us know at enquiries@lincoln.ac.uk.