Joining the University

Enrolment is the formal process through which you officially join the University. When you enrol, you confirm your agreement to become a student at 51app, to abide by University regulations, to become liable for fee payments, as well as to having your personal details checked. All students must enrol at the beginning of each year of study.

We have developed an online enrolment approach which will enable you to enrol remotely. (If you are a Student Visa holder you will be required to attend an in-person immigration check before your enrolment is complete). We will be working with Student Finance England to ensure that our arrangements are compliant with their requirements for us to confirm that you are in attendance and that your student Maintenance Loan payment can be released. We will send you the details well in advance of your course start date so that you can complete your enrolment quickly.

We understand that some students may need support to complete the enrolment steps. If you are having difficulty completing enrolment, please check the Enrolment and Re-enrolment FAQs provided below. If you still need support to complete your enrolment, University staff will be available to help you in the Enrolment Suite on campus. The Enrolment Suite is by appointment only, and appointments can be booked via . Appointment slots for January 2024 have now been published.

For non visa holders, enrolment can be completed entirely online without coming to the Enrolment Suite, so you only need to book an appointment if you are experiencing difficulties. Otherwise please use the dropdowns below to select the enrolment option that applies to you and complete enrolment.

New Students

Continuing Students

Student ID Cards (New Students Only)

For more information about how you receive and collect your student ID card, please visit our ID card web page.

Enrolment and Re-enrolment FAQs

Students should receive an email generated automatically by our OneUni student administration system when they are identified as being eligible to enrol or re-enrol for the new academic year. This email contains a link to access OneUni, as well as providing students with their @students.lincoln.ac.uk email address (this is the address you use to log in). If you believe you are eligible to register but haven’t received a message inviting you to log into OneUni or are otherwise experiencing problems logging in, please email ICT@lincoln.ac.uk.

If you get an error message when submitting your photo in OneUni, please wait a few days and you should receive an email confirming that your photo has been approved. We are working through the photo approvals process as quickly as we can. If we have to reject your photo because it’s not suitable, you will receive an email confirming the reason and a link to resubmit.

If you want to update your address, but have moved past that part of the enrolment process, you can go to My Details on the OneUni homepage, and click on Edit to update your information there.

We are aware of an issue with some students’ OneUni accounts where no tasks are generated in the My Tasks section to complete registration. This is a technical issue and we are working to resolve this. In the meantime, any student with this issue should contact ICT@lincoln.ac.uk so it can be resolved manually.

A small number of students have received a '500' code error which prevents them from completing a task. If any student encounters this problem, they are asked to contact ICT@lincoln.ac.uk to have this resolved manually. Our system provider is working on a fix for this issue.

If you believe you have completed all of your registration tasks in OneUni but your registration status is not yet showing as Registered or Re-registered, please double-check in the Student Overview that you have no outstanding tasks to complete. Once your status is showing as Registered Pending Enrolment or Re-registered Pending Enrolment, the final Confirmation of Studies task for UK/EU students will appear in the My Tasks section approximately 10 days before the start of your course. For international students it will appear approximately 10 days before you start your course once you have paid at least 50 per cent of your fees and provided all documents requested.

If you are an international student and have a query about visas, entry dates into the UK, or documents required by the University, please email enrolmentdocuments@lincoln.ac.uk.

Please email enrolment@lincoln.ac.uk and provide us with as much information as possible, including your student ID number.

Student Finance England will only release funding to an enrolled student three to five days after their course start date, regardless of when they enrol prior to this date. You can check the status of your Student Finance payments online at: . 

If your payment status shows as "ready to be paid" then you will see the date your first term payment is expected. If the status shows "awaiting confirmation" this means Student Finance are awaiting confirmation of your enrolment from the University. Data is uploaded daily as enrolments are completed, so if you enrolled in the last 24 hours, your status may not refresh immediately. If you are experiencing any of the technical issues above and are worried this could delay your loan funding, please contact ICT@lincoln.ac.uk.

If technical issues cannot be resolved, we can confirm your registration manually with the SLC if necessary. If you are worried about your university finances, our Student Support Centre have expert advisors who can provide confidential advice, including information on how to apply for financial assistance. If you are in this situation, please email studentsupport@lincoln.ac.uk.

Important Information

Your Right to Vote – Electoral Registration

Eligibile students are entitled to register to vote from both their student accommodation and their home addresses – this means that you are entitled to vote at local elections here in 51app in addition to local elections at home. As a resident of the city, you can have your say on how local services in 51app are delivered by ensuring that you are registered and participate in the City Council elections. For national elections and referendums you can only cast one vote, so you would need to choose whether you want to vote from your home residence or here in 51app.


You can register to vote in the UK from the age of 16, although you can only vote when you become 18. You qualify to register to vote if you are a UK citizen, a Qualifying Commonwealth citizen resident in the UK, or and an EU citizen resident in the UK. A qualifying Commonwealth citizen is someone who has leave to enter or remain in the UK, or does not require such leave. All countries currently within the Commonwealth can be found at .

To register to vote you will need to provide the following information:

  • Name, date of birth, and full address, including building or apartment number and your room number
  • Contact email and mobile number
  • National Insurance Number

You can register to vote at any time at .

Student Support

If you need any advice or information, our dedicated Student Support team are here to help. 

Tel: +44(0)1522 837080

Email: studentsupport@lincoln.ac.uk