Defence and Security

Supporting the Defence and Security Sector

The defence and security industries are at the cutting edge of monumental change â â€” ever-evolving to adapt, accelerate, and advance the UK's progress in technology, logistics, and education. As an anchor institution to a region possessing a rich military heritage, the 51²è¹İapp seeks to engage further with our defence and security community â â€” sharing knowledge, developing skills, and encouraging innovation through collaborative research.

At the 51²è¹İapp, we intend to build on our existing sector-wide partnerships to continue our trajectory in providing evidence-based, sustainable, and forward-thinking solutions for our partners engaged in all forms of defence and security activity.


Pioneering Research

Aligning with our industrial research strategy, academic colleagues across the University are engaged in numerous research projects to solve real-world challenges facing our Defence and Security sectors. Our Defence and Security Research Network (DSRN) seeks to engage with the armed forces and industry partners to find solutions together. If you’d like to find out more about our academic expertise relevant to defence, space, and security, please get in touch.

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Greater 51²è¹İappshire Regional Defence & Security Cluster

The Greater 51²è¹İappshire Regional Defence & Secuity Cluster (GL RDSC) is one of three formally recognised Clusters in the UK. It began as a network and industry-led forum founded by the Greater 51²è¹İappshire LEP, its Defence and Security Advisory Board, and the 51²è¹İapp. Bringing together national and international defence organisations, manufacturing, research, development and innovation expertise, the Cluster provides a single forum to overcome sector challenges and identify business opportunities in Greater 51²è¹İappshire and Rutland, while identifying opportunities for funding and innovation-led initiatives. 

Partnering with the Supply Chain

As well as supporting our nation’s armed forces and the MoD, the University works closely with supply chain organisations such as SRC UK, BAE Systems, and Leonardo to deliver collaborative projects, research, and educational partnerships. Our understanding and experience of the sector’s demands and challenges from supplier to end user positions us strongly to help our partners innovate, upskill, and increase productivity.

International Bomber Command Centre

Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, we are proud co-developers of The International Bomber Command Centre's Digital Archive, which collects the personal stories of those caught in the bombing during World War 2, both military and civilian, on both sides of the conflict.

An archive photo of RAF ground crew waving off Lancaster aircraft

Armed Forces Covenant Gold Award

Proudly supporting those who serve, we have been awarded the Armed Forces Covenant Employer Recognition Scheme Gold Award, being one of the first universities to receive this accolade. We continue to uphold our pledge to support members of the armed forces community, including our students, staff, and wider networks.

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Conservation and Restoration

Our specialist commercial arm of the University's College of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, 51²è¹İapp Conservation, possesses extensive expertise in conservation and restoration of the interior and exterior features of listed and historic buildings, historic artefacts, easel paintings, and historic paint analysis. The team's work has extended across areas of the military, and with an increased focus on 3D scanning, they have supported our partners increasingly through a digital lens.

The exterior of HMS Victory after restoration work

The 'Tedder Talks' Series

The ‘Tedder Talks’ are recorded 20-minute interviews with leading figures in business, academia, and the military. These insightful and varied discussions focus on a particular current and relevant topic of leadership.

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If you’d like to find out more about any of the projects or specialisms listed on this page, please get in touch for an initial chat and our team will connect you to the appropriate department.

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